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July 2007
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tymechild [userpic]
TMV: "Beautiful Soul"- House x Chase

Awws. It may be a little crackish and fluffeh, but it still fits. You'll see why if you listen. ^.~ It's cute too. ♥


And yes, I do sail this ship, even if Wilson x Chase is my number one House!OTP.

Please post a comment here as well! Thanks.

Current Mood: chipperchipper

Lovely vid :-) I've not read many House/Chase....my fav OTP is House/Wilson...but this was sweet :-)

Wilson/Chase is soooo cute though. D:

Awwws, thankies. Glad you liked. ^o^

This was a very, very cute video! I loved it, very cute how you matched the lyrics and music with the scenes. It made me very happy.

Thank you very much, and I tried as best as I could. I like the whole fact that the clips fit well enough to show Chase when the song says 'chase'. It took some tweaking, but it worked. Glad I made it work.

Favor though... could I totally use that icon and do you have any more HousexChase ones?

The icon was made by somersaulter, but I'm sure you could use it (but credit her, not me, cause I didn't make it ;)) I don't have any others...sadly I've noticed they're kinda hard to find.

Okies, and yah, I noticed. Thus why I asked. xD

ya know if chase fell in love with house he would sing this song i think ^_^ but i could picture chase sarinading house with it lol ^_^

Yup. Pretty much. xD

<333 Awws.

hi there. what a wonderful video. my hat off to you. i especially liked that it was about house and chase, you don't see that a lot.
could you please do me a favor and post a download link?! thanks and keep up with good work.

I'm not sure, but I think if you follow that second link to YouTube it'll have a download link. If I'm wrong, and I'm Speed!Wilson, than let me know and I'll find a download site and post the link.

I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to want to download it. ♥ Also, feel free to check out my House x Wilson vid in my other post. ^-^

ok thanks!

I am new to House fandom even though I have watched all of the eps and this is my OTP. It is hard to find and I love this video. It is really good. You gave me a fun morning.


You're most welcome. Glad you enjoyed. ^o^


Hiya, sorry to be annoying, but you placed a massive spoiler in your linkage to your vid from LJ communities. I'm not nearly as angry as I would be normally, because some other person in the communities previously spoiled me already. But please be aware that the internet includes people like me who are from the UK and enjoy watching TV on TV and so are only up to 19/24 of S3 I think. As I exist in other fandoms as well, I know all about spoilers- big spoilers, little spoilers, being the one who has to be careful what I click things and being the one who has to be considerate. Please please realise that there are other people like me, and ones that may not have been previously spoiled, so please try not to do it again. It's annoying, and rather awful if you didn't already know.


Re: spoilers

I'm sorry, I hadn't realized. I will make sure that I mention the seasons from this point on. Thank you for pointing that out to me. :3~

Re: spoilers

Thank you, it means a lot. All is forgiven!

Re: spoilers

^o^ You're welcome, and thank you. :p

That was great!! :) And the end with Wilson drinking the spiked coffee, great XD

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed. ^.~

Damn you for making such an awesome vid and feeding my addiction for House/Chase!!! God I would give anything to see those two to get together! I want more House/Chase moments!!! Why does it have to be so hard to find this pairing?! Thanks for sharing! You rock!