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tymechild [userpic]
TMV: "Time After Time"- House x Wilson


Please post a comment here as well! Thanks.

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That was so cute. :) Loved the clips!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed. My next one to come is Wilson x Chase. xD The House x Chase. Then the three of them.

Why? Because I can. ♥

you so totaly can ^_^ nice vid grate song

Thanks much! ♥

ha! very cute vid and this song always makes me giggle now, especially after watching Randy singing it in My Name Is Earl. house/wilson is soooo cute! not quite smut, but i think with vids we can make an exception

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed. <3

Very nice. (And a good song to boot!) It made my Harry Potter weary heart feel much better. (But that's a whole 'nother story.) Good job! And how can people not see House/Wilson? You got all of the best clips right here!

Thanks! Awww. I know. I'm only in Ch. 7 and already I've cried twice. D:

House x Wilson makes for a nice change.

Amazing. :D

Thanks. ♥

I'm still new at videos, but I'm glad you guys are enjoying it.

I'm currently working on meh House x Chase. It's gonna be a bit more fluff/crack but still workable. xP

That was lovely. I want more House and Wilson now! I adore that series *sigh*

xD. Dun worry, I'll make more HxW TMV's, but first I'm circulating through the "House and Wilson Paired With Everyone Else" series.

I too love the series. :D

Of course, you can watch my House x Chase in the next entry whilst you wait.

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Aww. *hoogles* I didn't mean to make you cry. D:

Here's some hearts for you: ♥♥♥♥


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Yup. Of course. <3


I think it's beautiful !!
So great too !!
And a little sad I guess but it's the music's fault
Thanks for this video so cute ^-^

Thank you so much. ^o^ Glad you enjoyed.

b-frame decoder lag O:

Hmm? It's always there? Cause I know it's in there for like a second, normally. D:

Didn't realize it was there until after I'd saved it.

awww.. dont use divx/xvid files to edit with? and if you do then crop it off?

lolz no stress

Noted. Like I said, if I'd seen it, I woulda cropped it. xDDD! Thanks a bunch though.

lol truthfully though thats one of the reasons you shouldnt use that codec to edit with... though there are other reasons not to either... your best bet is either lagarith or huffyuv.. though both make huge files at least they were made for editing

Thanks for the tips. xD

good luck and yays for howse vids O:

I love it. Love the song, love the two of them together.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! ♥ I too love the two of them together. <3

*goes all fangirly*


Aws. Thanks. <3