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July 2007
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tymechild [userpic]
TMV: "That Don't Impress Me Much"- House x Foreman, Chase, & Wilson

Got the idea from starrose(of YouTube)'s Harry Potter version TMV/fanvid of this song.


Dedicated to starrose because of the idea. ♥

Please post a comment here as well! Thanks.

And if you are an HP fan, watch the HP version here!

Current Mood: tiredtired

this would go well with the beginning of the second season when his ex was working at the hospital O.O a bit, cept the parts about him keeping a mirror in his pocket

beware of letting them chat a lot
if there were more action/silly things it might be more fun, also needs motorcycle scenes XD

but interesting concept :)

Thanks a bunch! And thanks for the tips. Problem with making House vids. They talk 99.9 percent of the time. xD!

true i havent attempted to make a house vid yet... but i know that theres lots of talking O:

season 3 is coming out on dvd soon O:

I know. :D

Thank you for restoring my long-lost faith in Shania Twain (see, I can't even spell her name right anymore)

I love your vids!

Aws. Sadly they have come to a stand still as I moved and now have dumb dial-up. D:
Once I get faster net, I shall return with more!

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