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Got the idea from starrose(of YouTube)'s Harry Potter version TMV/fanvid of this song.


Dedicated to starrose because of the idea. ♥

All the males are after House, but he's having none of it.Collapse )

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Okay, so this is a TMV on the love triangle between these gorgeous men. First is Wilson x Chase, then House x Chase, and final ends with House x Wilson. It is love, just admit it. ♥

Wilson x Chase x House love-triangle.Collapse )

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Awws. It may be a little crackish and fluffeh, but it still fits. You'll see why if you listen. ^.~ It's cute too. ♥


And yes, I do sail this ship, even if Wilson x Chase is my number one House!OTP.

House x Chase fluff.Collapse )

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House x Wilson love.Collapse )

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